Done-for-you email copy
Starting at
for a series of up to 6 emails
  • Fully Custom Email Copy
  • Brand Voice Profile  
  • One Round of Revisions
  • Fully Laid Out Campaign Map
"I've worked with other copywriters in the past but they never really **got** me... so I've mostly been doing it all myself."

Sound familiar? 
Those with personal brands often have a hard time finding the right copywriter because their message is so... well... personal. 

And email? That's one of the most intimate ways to reach out to your customer... talk about a double whammy. 

That's why I've spent the last three years perfecting a method for nailing a strong brand voice right out of the gate. 

When we work together, we'll figure out exactly what makes you sound like YOU while bringing your powerful message to inboxes everywhere. 

(For a longer series or multiple sequences, contact us for a quote.) 
Amazing people and brands we've worked with
Email Copy Audit
60-minute session
to review up to 15 emails
  • Recorded 60-Minute Session
  • Detailed Suggestions 
  • Fully Developed Game Plan
This isn't your first rodeo... is it? So it's likely that you already have some email copy already in place.  

You know the copy could be optimized (it's been a while since it was touched--and you did it in the crazy days of a launch) but you also know you probably don't need to start from scratch... 

...that's where an Email Copy Audit comes in!

During our time together I'll check out how the emails are currently performing (using the open rates and conversion rates), run them through our Optimization Test, and make expert recommendations you can use to boost conversion and make them sound more like YOU

After our call, you'll receive the full recording that you can use to fill your team in, tackle revisions on your own, or as your creative brief if you want to hire Bayley & Co. to recraft them emails for you. 
Email Copy School
Coming Soon!
  • Live Walk Throughs and Demos
  • Real-Life Examples
  • Swipe Files and Templates
  • Highly Demanded Lessons on Subject Lines, Persuasive Language, and More!
Hey, maybe you enjoy writing your own emails! Maybe it's your creative outlet and a way to connect with your customers on a regular basis. 

Or maybe you have a team member who is itching to branch into copywriting, and you know you need to be emailing on a more consistent basis. (Win-win for everyone, right?) 

That's exactly why I created Email Copy School. 

This course gives you the fundamentals you need to sharpen and optimize your email copy... while keeping it totally in your tone of voice.  

It also walks through the exact steps I take to expertly map out any email campaign (have you ever wondered what to say and when to say it during a launch? No more!) 

We'll cover everything from subject lines to calls to action... so if this is your jam, what are you waiting for? 

(Yes, swipe files and templates are included!) 
What people are saying...
"Brittany is a dream come true! She's always able to capture my client’s voice while making the process extremely easy. We’ve worked well together on MANY projects and my clients have been pleased with the results time and time again. 

I feel like there isn’t a better copywriter out there if you’re looking to hire one for your agency and capture the voice of your clients. You should defiantly give Brittany and her team a try."

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